3 Tips on Protecting the Garage Flooring from Snow and Ice

Winter in Cincinnati can get pretty bad. Although it looks lovely, snow and ice could be detrimental to concrete floors, especially in the garage. Ice and snow that get caught on the wheels of your car make it inside the garage and onto the concrete floor. Once the slush melts, it could penetrate the slab, making it prone to cracks, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage. Here are some tips to make sure that your garage flooring is kept protected from snow and ice.

Keep the Garage Warmportable heater

During winter, it is possible for the garage to get cold and damp since it isn’t as completely sealed as other rooms in the house. Any moisture in the slab could freeze and expand within the concrete. Set up a portable heater in the garage and just turn them on at specific times in a day. This is enough to keep the floor from freezing.

Install a Protective Garage Floor Coatingepoxy garage floor cincinnati

Epoxy garage floor coating is a popular solution for porous concrete floors. This, however, must be installed way before signs of winter even start to show up. The coating, once completely cured, is resistant to most types of damage. It is a non-porous material that keeps snow and ice on the surface of the floor. Epoxy is also an effective barrier from deicers that might have hitched a ride on your car wheels.

Seal the Garage Doorrubber garage door strip

The garage door does not exactly fit snugly to the garage so it is expected to have cold air and snow come in uninvited. There are sealants available in local hardware and DIY stores that you could use to seal the gaps on the garage door. You could also install rubber garage door strip at the bottom of the door to keep snow and water from getting into the garage.

The garage floor is prone to different types of damage because it serves many purposes. It is a car barn, a workshop, a storage space, and more. Snow and ice may only be present during winter but the damage it can do to a concrete floor could be very bad. The best way to keep winter from weakening the garage flooring is by taking preventive steps to keep snow and ice from penetrating the slab. To learn more about how you can winterize the garage, consult a pro.

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