8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Color to a Pool Deck

Making the pool deck more colorful and interesting does not need to be tedious and expensive. In fact, it can even be a fun activity for the family. If you plant to add a splash of color to your pool deck in a limited budget, here are cool ideas you should try:

1. Color the Pool Deckstaining pool deck

A concrete pool deck can be more than just a plain gray surface. Colored concrete is one of the most popular options in revamping concrete slabs. There are many ways to color the surface but the most popular is concrete staining. It offers two types of stains: acid and water-based, both of which come in a wide range of colors.

2. Colorful Furniture

Outdoor furniture is essential because it provides a place for rest and lounging when you are not in the mood to swim. It always you to enjoy the outdoors in the most comfortable way possible. If you have wooden benches or chairs, you can paint them in leftover paint you may have in your garage. You can also add colorful pillows, cushions, and throws for a more artistic look.

3. Paint Plant Potspool deck painted flower pots

Pots often come in terracotta or other brown shade. Painting them will make them more interesting, especially if you have green, non-flowering plants. Just make sure that you don’t get paint on the plants.

4. Rug on the Deck

Another way to spruce up the look of the pool deck surface is by adding a colorful rug. If your deck often gets wet, this wouldn’t be a good idea. In this case, why not paint a pattern in the area where you would most likely install a rug? A painted rug will definitely make the outdoor space more pleasing.

5. Hang Colorful Art Piecesswimming pool wall sculpture

If you have a wall, hang artworks or wall sculptures that feature your preferred color. If you don’t have walls, you can use tabletop art pieces.

6. Paint Stepping Stones on the Walkway

If you have a walkway made of large pebbles, why not make it a stone art surface? Have family and friends paint each stone, creating their own design. If you want something more subtle. Paint randomly selected stones or paint the stones that line the edge of the walkways.

7. Paint a Bare Wall

A bare wall makes any outdoor space look dull and boring. Paint it in a more interesting color or have an artist friend paint a colorful mural on it.

8. Add Flowering Plantsswimming pool flowering plants

Adding colorful flowers is one of the easiest ways to add color, especially if you already have flowering plants but are on other areas on your property. Just make sure that you take good care of these plants so they won’t wilt and die.

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