Concrete Floor Colors Can Enhance Productivity at Work

In a workplace, an employer would do anything to boost the productivity of the company. Aside from pep talks, incentives, and tokens, there is another way to make the staff more productive: stained concrete floors. The dominating color of the workplace will play a huge role in inducing vibes that will motivate workers to work harder and happier. Here are the concrete stain colors you can choose from and how they can boost productivity in all types of employees.


For jobs that require or involve physical activities, red is a good color for the floor. This color is known to increase heart rate and blood flow. It is also a color that can invoke passion among the employees. Just make sure that nothing else in the workplace is also colored red. This is a good color in small doses. Too much of it might increase stress levels and aggression.


For people with careers that require creativity, it is beneficial to be surrounded by the color yellow. It is known to trigger innovation and help generate cool ideas. Aside from sparking creativity, this color also helps calm people down and make them more optimistic about work.


To help prevent fatigue, apply a green concrete stain on the floor. This color is easy on the eyes. In fact, people who work long hours in front of a computer are advised to look at anything green every once in a while to relax the eyes. The color green also maintains calmness while enhancing efficiency in any task at hand.


This is the most commonly used color in workplaces, regardless of industry. It is a well-known color that boosts productivity by making employees more focused on their tasks. It is also thought to suppress hunger, encouraging employees to spend more time working than going on breaks.

If employers do plan to incorporate color into the design of a workplace in hopes of boosting productivity, there is a proper way to do it. You must not color an entire workplace with a single color. Remember that the tasks of each person in the team is different from each other. Sort the team by job type and integrate the specific color that will help them be more productive in the type of work they do. If you prefer plain concrete floors, you can apply the color scheme to other items, like office furniture, decor, uniforms, and more.

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