Colored Concrete Cincinnati, OH: Solutions for Residential and Commercial Surfaces

Color is one of the most essential elements in the aesthetic design. It is used to set the mood or ambiance of an area and to evoke emotions. Imagine a world without color. Bland and boring aren’t it? The same goes for concrete surfaces. The plain gray color of concrete can really wear down an area even if it hasn’t been around for a long time. Playing with a shade or two certainly wouldn’t hurt if you want to breathe life into your concrete space.

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Colored Concrete Methods

Staining – This method uses either acid or water-based stain to color concrete. The color payoff from concrete staining is translucent and comes with a glossy shine. It’s a permanent color option the permeates the concrete for a lustrous tint that won’t fade. Depending on the application technique, stained concrete can have a distinct visual effect. This especially applies to acid stains that chemically react to the minerals of the concrete slab.

Dyeing – Dyes are available in water-based or solvent-based formulations. It isn’t unusual to mistake concrete dyeing for concrete staining. This is because dyes can also be applied to have a lustrous tinted finish on concrete. However, it can also be applied to make the color payoff a lot more saturated than it would be from concrete stains. One of the biggest differences of dyes from stains is that it isn’t ideal for outdoor installations. Unlike stains, dyes are not formulated to be UV stable.

Integral Color – Integral color can basically speak for itself. The pigment is integrated into the concrete mix. The pigment can either be synthetic or natural. Synthetic pigments are made in manufacturing laboratories while natural pigment is mined from the ground. The advantage of integral color compared to other coloring options is that it is distributed through the whole concrete slab. Even if the surface is scratched, the color will turn out unscathed.

Color Hardeners/Densifiers – These come in liquid and powder form. It is broadcasted onto freshly poured concrete. A trowel is used to work it into the concrete surface. The color payoff of hardeners/densifiers tends to be more saturated compared to integral color. This is because the color is concentrated on the concrete surface making the colors look more intense.

Functional Qualities of Colored Concrete

  • It mimics nature.
  • It hides existing stains and camouflages new ones.
  • It can be used to separate large broad areas.
  • It serves as the focal point of an area.

Interested in bringing color to your concrete surfaces? Call (513) 429-7696 to know more!

Now that you know about the colored concrete options available, it also helps to know that these are within your arms reach. Our services include concrete coloring methods for residential and commercial concrete surfaces. Call us today or reach us through email and expect a prompt response. The experts at Cincinnati Concrete Artisans are here to serve you!

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