Common Mistakes People Do During Decorative Concrete Installation

resurfacing concrete patio cincinnatiConcrete is a very common material. It is used as a base material for almost any part of a house or building. Although common, the installation process of this material is one of the most difficult in the world. There are a lot of things to consider to ensure proper mixing, pouring, and leveling. If your concrete is no longer eligible for concrete resurfacing and a new slab needs to be installed, take note of the following mistakes and make you sure you won’t do it. This aims to keep you updated and to protect you from costly repairs.

Failure to Determine Concrete Amount Based on Planned Thickness

The thickness of a concrete slab is a major element in ensuring its durability and strength. Just by determining the thickness, it can get pretty tricky calculating how much concrete would be needed to be able to pour enough. Consult a pro and seek their help in calculating this for you.

Treating All Concrete the Same Way

Concrete products vary. The manufacturer includes various minerals and additives which is why the amount of water needed for each on will also vary. If you notice, different concrete slabs dry in different shades of gray. Sometimes it is brownish or even almost white.

Incomplete Tools

Failure to have the tool you need when you need it will definitely compromise the entire project since the window for drying and curing is small. Before you even begin, make sure that all tools are within reach and that each one is working as it should.

Unstable Frame to Pour Concrete Into

When pouring an entire slab, you need to create a “container” or frame to hold it until it hardens. If not, the wet mix will just be flowing everywhere. Make sure they are sturdy to keep concrete in until it can hold its shape.

Improper Subgrade Preparation

The area where the concrete will be poured must also be prepped for pouring. If it is soil, it must be compact enough to prevent soil movement or shifting. It must also be clean to ensure adhesion.

There are many other mistakes that DIY installers often make. If possible, let the pros handle it. Not only will this save you from the stress and hard work that comes with installing concrete, it will yield better results and the work comes with a warranty.

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