Instagram-worthy Concrete Floors for the Millenial Homeowner

Millennials are notorious for their fondness of social media. Many try to paint them in a negative light because of this. However, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great avenues for sharing creativity. If there’s a reason to applaud millennials, it’s how they’re able to get creative and practical despite the economic challenges that this generation face. In this article, we celebrate millennial homeowners with ideas for Instagram-worthy concrete floor ideas.

Marble-Like FlooringMarble-Like Flooring

Marble is a trend that’s everywhere on social media. What’s not to love about it? It exudes elegance and style. While only the most luxurious homes can afford actual marble for floors, millennials have a more practical option for recreating this look. Get the luxurious extravagance of natural marble for a fraction of the price with epoxy flooring. The incredibly reflective finish combined with pigments allows it to look like the actual thing.



Bright and Airy Teal Floorsbright and airy teal floors

Smooth and seamless concrete floors paired with a solid teal color is a great way to add a pop of color. The bright vibrant hue can be a canvass against chic white walls and metal details. Ground furniture and other decorative elements to grays, whites, and golds. The gold may seem counterintuitive when combined with cool colors, but it actually adds warmth to balance everything out.



Dare to Go Barebare concrete floors

Bare concrete floors used to be something that older generations didn’t have a lot of appreciation for. Today, bare concrete floors have a certain charm that appeals to millennials. Paired with polishing or clear resinous coatings, these bare concrete floors add a bold and modern vibe. Any millennial home will benefit from the neutrality that it offers. With which, one can play around with other design elements such as furniture, lighting, decor and even plants.



Geometric Patternsinterior floor geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are big in the interior design world. It’s interesting, dynamic and with a splash of color, completely alluring. Geometric patterns can be beautifully aligned or asymmetrical. When it comes to concrete floors, this can be achieved through stamped or pre-cast concrete. One can even add some texture in between the patterns for the feel of natural stone. Balance out the look by keeping everything else solid.

With the versatility that concrete offers, the possibilities are endless. Decorative concrete applications are great for achieving a fully customized look. For more information on these applications, visit our webpage. Read through our blog for more articles or take a look at our services for your concrete floor in Cincinnati.

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