Decorative Concrete Floors Cincinnati, OH: Reliable Solutions for Interior Surfaces

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Concrete issues can be quite frustrating especially if it affects your daily life. Damage on interior floors immediately ruins the idea of comfort that the indoors should supposedly have. Cracks and stubborn stains are both an eyesore and a safety hazard. Most homeowners cover concrete floors with carpets, wood boards, tile, and other materials, hoping to make the surface attractive, safe, and functional. Decorative concrete is a more practical option.

Decorative concrete offer flooring solutions that yield the same aesthetics and durability of high-end materials at a friendlier price. A concrete floor can be resurfaced or refinished with the appropriate coating or overlay to enhance its look, improve its function, and extend its lifespan.

Highly Recommended Interior Concrete Floor Coatings and Overlays

Forget about carpets, tile, wood, and other expensive flooring materials. Why spend more when you can have the same appealing and durable floors using the same concrete slab you already have in your home.

  • Stained Concrete – Concrete floor stains have long been a trend in making concrete surfaces more attractive. It is quite impressive how stained concrete floors could look like it is made of natural stone or even leather. Acid stains create this effect with the chemical reactions producing random effects and varying tones. Water-based stains are ideal for specific patterns or designs because the color dry in a consistent hue.
  • Epoxy Flooring – An epoxy floor coating can be used on any interior floor but is highly recommended for garage floors. It is very resistant to most damage, so it would be able to withstand hard use in the garage. It comes in different colors, metallic epoxy floors, and can be made more decorative with the addition of micro paint chips.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – Similar to epoxy, this can also be used on any interior flooring but would be most beneficial on a garage floor. This is resistant to most harmful elements, including chemical spills and UV rays. This is popular for its fast-drying feature. It can install, dry, and be ready for use in just 24 hours.

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Great interior floors start from solid foundations. With the help of Cincinnati Concrete Artisans, we can give you great resurfaced floors but with a dash of creative craftsmanship unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our decades of experience in the concrete floor industry gave us the skill and expertise to transform indoor concrete floors into heaven-like walking surfaces at affordable costs. We have solutions for all style and price points.

But do not take our word for it. Call us for a free consultation and quote in Cincinnati Ohio!

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