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Are your floors showing signs of wear and tear? Are you tired of dealing with unsightly cracks, stains, and an overall lackluster appearance? It’s frustrating, right? Whether it’s in your home, office, commercial space, subpar concrete flooring is a persistent problem. We get it! Your residential, commercial, or industrial space deserves better.

Imagine the impression your space makes on visitors, clients, or even your family when they walk in and are greeted by pristine, beautifully coated floors. The unattractive, uneven surfaces not only ruin the look of your space but also pose safety risks. Slip and fall accidents can lead to costly liabilities, and damaged floors can undermine the value of your property.

Say goodbye to your flooring woes with Cincinnati Epoxy Flooring – your trusted partner for premium concrete coating installations that offer protection and strength. Whether it’s your home, kitchen, or bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Transform your residential and commercial spaces with our commercial epoxy flooring options, ensuring durability and style.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Made of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener, epoxy coating is designed to provide a new, more durable surface for old, damaged concrete garage floors and basement flooring as well. This coating is used to restore only indoor concrete floors because it is quite temperature-sensitive. Exposure to UV rays or intense heat can cause epoxy to discolor. It is important for homeowners to understand that garage floor epoxy coating is different from epoxy paint which is also sold in hardwares and DIY shops. Epoxy paint contains just a bit of epoxy to make the paint more durable. The coating, on the other hand, is a hundred percent epoxy.

The Perks of Epoxy Floors

Easy to Install – Epoxy floor coating is easy to install and it takes a shorter time period compared to replacing the whole concrete garage floor. Although the installation process is simple and easy, it is still highly recommended to hire a pro to do it. Epoxy can be quite tricky. Installed incorrectly and its quality and durability are compromised.

Tough as Nails – Epoxy dries in just a few hours but it needs two or more days to cure properly. Once completely cured, epoxy becomes a very hard plastic surface that is durable enough to keep the concrete underneath from acquiring damage.

Resistant to Most Types of Floor Damage – Epoxy is a very durable material, if properly mixed and installed. It is resistant to impact, abrasion, stains, moisture, and other types of floor damage.

Aesthetically-pleasing – Garage flooring is often messy, discolored, and greasy. Just when you thought that appeal only belongs to showrooms, epoxy flooring comes along. Epoxy has several design options. You can choose to have opaque or metallic epoxy floors with your desired colors. If you want a terrazzo look, multi-colored chips can be integrated in the epoxy layer.

Safe from Slips and Falls – When it comes to slip-resistance, epoxy does not fall behind more textured floor materials. It has a non-skid surface that looks smooth and seamless. If you want to increase traction further, you can add additives to its top layer.

Affordable – Epoxy is an affordable way to restore an old concrete garage floor. Instead of replacing the whole floor, this coating gives it a new surface that is both appealing and functional. The costs involved in an epoxy floor installation is less expensive than other types of garage flooring options.

Easy Upkeep – While some floors require a special cleaning product and routine, epoxy requires nothing at all. Dirt stays on the surface, easily removed with a good sweep. Liquid beads at the surface, ready to be wiped or mopped.

Environment-friendly – Epoxy is used on existing concrete slabs. This means it eliminates the need to use a new mix of fresh concrete, which lowers the carbon footprint acquired from cement production.

Installing Epoxy Floor Coating

With the right skills, experience, tools, and equipment, epoxy coating can be installed with utmost ease:

Step 1: A thorough assessment of the garage floor is needed to determine how much work needs to be done. This gives installers the opportunity to check if the garage floor is in a good enough condition for epoxy adhesion.

Step 2: Preparing the surface starts with removing any existing grease, sealer, or paint on the surface. If any damage is seen on the surface, the installer makes sure that these are repairable and won’t cause any future issues. They would then apply the necessary fixes.

Step 3: The floor is scrubbed clean with water and soap. After hosing or pressure rinsing the floor, it is left to air-dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Etching or opening the pores of the concrete floor is an essential step in the installation process. Without this step, the epoxy won’t adhere properly to the floor. The most common etching agents are muriatic acid with water and citric acid. If you want something safer, use a grinding machine instead.

Step 5: The epoxy resin and hardener are mixed thoroughly and then applied immediately to the concrete floor. If you are going for metallic epoxy floors, the metallic pigment is mixed with the epoxy coating prior to application.

Step 6: If you are going for paint chips instead, these are broadcasted after the first layer of epoxy is applied. Once dry, excess paint chips are swept or vacuumed off of the surface.

Step 7: A top coat or layer is applied to make sure that the paint chips stay in place. Adding a sealer is optional.

Epoxy Coating Cost

The costs of coating concrete floors with epoxy depends on a variety of influential factors. The most notable factors are the size of the garage space being resurfaced. Since costs are measured per square foot, the wider the area, the more expensive it will be. The amount of epoxy needed and any requested add-ons also affect the total costs.

People Also Ask 

On average, it costs $3 to $7 per sq. ft. to epoxy coat an existing floor. Also, prices differ depending on how the application was done — DIY or professionally.

Epoxy floors are definitely worth it! It is not dubbed “The King of Floors” for no reason. Epoxy is durable, cost-effective, easy to clean, and protects the concrete substrate of the surface where it is applied.

Here are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring:

Emits strong toxic fumes when freshly installed.
It takes time for epoxy to completely harden.
High impact areas may incur cracks and chips.
Epoxy becomes very slippery when wet.
Epoxy can be cold on your feet.
May undergo discoloration when exposed to the sunlight for a long time.

No, epoxy floors do not scratch easily! It can sustain not only heavy traffic and heavy loads but also heavy impact. Also, epoxy floors are tough to scratch, dent, or damage.

Acquire a durable epoxy flooring now. Elevate your space with the best concrete contractor in Cincinnati, OH. Don't wait—transform your floors today! Call us at (513) 429-7696 for more info and get started on your flooring project.

At Cincinnati Concrete Artisans, we understand that providing our customers with top-quality products and a wide range of choices is the key to achieving exceptional results. Our company is a premier decorative concrete contractor that offers epoxy coating solutions for homes and commercial spaces in the Cincinnati area. We prioritize the safety and protection of our customers, which is why our flooring products come equipped with advanced safety features to ensure peace of mind. Your concrete flooring are handled with the utmost care, and we take pride in delivering not just flooring solutions but long-lasting investments in the aesthetics and durability of your space. With Cincinnati Epoxy Flooring, you’re not just getting a floor; you’re getting a promise of excellence and satisfaction.

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