It’s worth your investment: Cost of Epoxy Floors Installation

Epoxy floor Cincinnati doesn’t fail to create stunning floor designs. Are you one of those who are excited to resurface garage floors, basement, patio, or even the pool decks if you have? Epoxy flooring lets you create beautifully crafted floors, polished at every turn!

Many consider epoxy floors as an investment. It may cost you a lot for basic installation, but the results are long-lasting. Once installed, you will not worry about anything at all, unlike other flooring types and materials. Some flooring types are hard to manage and costly to clean.

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How much does it cost to have an epoxy floor installed?

The cost of epoxy floor installation falls around $4 to $9 per square foot. That is an estimate based on a national average cost in the US. And it is the standard for a basic clear epoxy coat for garage floors.

An epoxy garage floor will total around $1 870- $2 000.

A worth of Investment

Epoxy flooring is a valuable investment. So, before you feel all about epoxy facts and guides are just pure bandwagon, consider this tip first.

Install epoxy floors for your busy spaces that you will use for practical and functional uses. Take, for example, a garage showroom, a manufacturing or production room. Or, if you got space for profit, epoxy will return what is worthy of your investment to this functional flooring.

This is the reason why small retail spaces prefer to resurface their floors with epoxy.

So, what else should you consider if you want to install epoxy on your property?

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Factors to consider

When coming up with your cost estimate, you need to consider several factors. These include materials, labor, and more. Check the list below to preview what you need for an epoxy installation:

  • Area size
  • Condition of the existing slabs
  • Topcoat
  • Weather in your area
  • Temperature 
  • Time of day of installation
  • Waterproofing requirement
  • Moisture presence on the concrete

DIY Epoxy Vs. Pros

You may find DIY epoxy kits nowadays. Most of them are so accessible to local suppliers, too. No wonder why many opt for DIY epoxy flooring. Especially when it comes to remodeling their garage.

Though DIY projects benefit from creativity and minimize labor costs, it will still not be much of an experts’ work. 

DIY, most often than not, is for temporary fixes. Once you install epoxy, it won’t be easy to reverse the outcome.

Hiring the Pros: Why It’s Worth It?

To make sure that your epoxy flooring is worth your investment, let the pros do it. Here are the cost-saving benefits of hiring professional flooring installers:

  • Seamless Surfaces. Appearance is essential when it comes to epoxy flooring. Epoxy is a self-dispersing floor coating. But applying it requires precision to make sure that every spot on the floor gets covered. 
  • Durability. You may not know that you need at least a primer, design coat, and final coating to combine to create polished and durable floors if you DIY epoxy. 
  • Preparation. Always, it is key to an expertly installed epoxy is floor prep. Professional installer prioritizes preparation as much as the actual application process. Having the floors prepared ensures that the substrates get cleaned and repaired first before any coating is installed.
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