Keeping the Pool Deck Cool on a Hot Summer

A concrete pool deck is common and practical. Although not as appealing as one would expect, there are many ways to enhance its look with stamped patterns and color stains. One common issue with a concrete deck, however, is how got it could get when exposed to sunlight for long hours. It makes walking around barefoot almost impossible. Here are ways you could keep the pool deck cool to the feet during a hot summer.

Consider a Pool Deck Resurfacing

concrete pool deck with knockdown texture
Resurfacing the pool deck with a cooler material, like a spray knockdown texture, is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of acquiring a cool pool deck permanently. A layer of sprayed acrylic concrete coating can be an aesthetic makeover or a pool deck repair method, which makes it ideal for both new and old decks. Aside from keeping the surface 30% cooler than regular concrete, it also makes the surface slip-resistant.

Add a Pool Deck Shade

Adding a shade is a highly recommended remedy for making the deck cooler. The shaded areas, depending on what time of day it is, remains cool to the touch. There are many different types of shades, such as:

pool deck shade

  • Shade Sails – This is a popular shading option nowadays. It comes in a wide range of colors and shapes, giving a modern yet decorative look to any pool deck.
  • Pergolas – This is a roof-like structure that filters enough sunlight to keep the pool deck from getting too hot.
  • Retractable Canopies or Enclosures – Although highly effective, it can be quite expensive and installation is tedious.
  • Cantilevers – These are shades with a single support on one side only. The posts need to be embedded into the deck to make sure that it does not tip over.
  • Patio Umbrellas – Probably the cheapest and simplest remedy is a patio umbrella. Although it does not make the entire deck cool, it covers up enough for you to walk around a lounge chair or table.

Choose a Light-Colored Materialstained concrete pool deck

A pool deck refinishing is a great way to add color to a concrete pool deck. If you should choose to concrete stain the deck, choose a light color. Dark ones tend to absorb more heat, whereas light hues reflect heat back. Same goes for those who are installing a brand new pool deck. If you choose stone or pavers, choose the type with the lightest color possible.


Place an Outdoor Rug on the Lounging Arealounging area rug

Outdoor rugs are getting popular nowadays as a means of extending the living space outdoors. These are waterproof rugs that can be used on pool decks and patios. Just make sure to use a material that also does not heat up when exposed to long hours of sun.


Spray Some Water on the Deckspray water on pool deck

If you have the time or energy to do it, hosing the deck down with water can cool it down and keep it that way for a few hours. This, however, can be quite tiring and it could affect water bills significantly.

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