Polyurea Polyaspartic Cincinnati, OH: The One-Day Turnaround Concrete Coating Solution

Are you tired of dealing with worn-out, stained, or dull concrete surfaces? Do you find it frustrating to wait for days or even weeks for concrete coatings to dry and cure? We understand the challenges and inconveniences associated with traditional concrete coating methods, and we’re here to provide a better solution.

Imagine having a concrete coating solution that can transform your space quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality or durability. Picture enjoying a stunning, long-lasting concrete finish that is not only beautiful but also resistant to chemicals, impacts, and UV damage. Say goodbye to the hassle of long waiting times, and welcome a revolutionary approach to concrete coating.

Introducing Polyurea Polyaspartic Cincinnati concrete coating, the advanced concrete coating technology that offers the ultimate one-day turnaround solution for high-quality work and exceptional service in Cincinnati, OH.

What Makes it an Ideal Choice?

Sure, it is a mouthful but its benefits are outstanding.

  • Polyurea Polyaspartic is known as a one-day install coating. It installs and cures in just one day. This makes it an ideal Cincinnati garage flooring option for urgent projects where the floor cannot be closed for too long a time, like in a commercial establishment.
  • This coating is not temperature sensitive so it can be installed regardless of the weather. It can be installed on both indoor and outdoor concrete spaces.
  • Polyaspartic is highly resistant to abrasion, impact, heavy foot and vehicular traffic, chemical spillage, and UV rays.
  • Once cured, a polyaspartic floor is seamless and non-porous. This means nothing can penetrate past its surface. It is also for these attributes that make the floor easier to clean and maintain.
  • If you want something decorative as well, polyurea polyaspartic will not disappoint. With the addition of micro paint chips, the floor can acquire the look of terrazzo, granite, or exposed aggregate.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Cost

A polyurea polyaspartic installation may cost a bit more than an epoxy floor because of its short turnaround time. However, the exact rate cannot be conveyed due to several factors that affect the total cost. The size of the concrete space, for example, will affect costs significantly. The more material needed, the more costly it will be. The level of surface preparation and repairs needed will also influence costs. This includes the tools, equipment, and the number of people needed to complete the job.

Need Something Tough, Cost-effective, and Fast? Call (513) 429-7696 to Learn About More!

Having to wait for the perfect weather to install a flooring or paving material can be quite infuriating. Closing down an area to make way for repairs or installations can affect profit, routine, and clients satisfaction significantly. If these are issues you are facing, Cincinnati Concrete Artisans and our dedicated team can help you out with our efficient process, excellent reviews, and prompt responses to questions. Our company specialize in installing Polyurea Polyaspartic coatings for both indoor and outdoor surfaces in residential and commercial locations in the Cincinnati, OH area, ensuring high quality results and customers satisfaction. We guarantee tough and long-lasting surfaces in as little as 24 hours.

But don’t trust our word. Call us so we can set up a free in-home consultation and quote at your convenience.

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