Pool Deck Resurfacing Cincinnati, OH: Stunning and Durable

Are you tired of looking at your worn-out and unattractive pool deck? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about safety hazards, cracks, and unsightly stains? Don’t let a lackluster pool deck hold back your outdoor oasis any longer. 

Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your pool deck? Over time, exposure to harsh weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and pool chemicals can take a toll on your deck’s surface.  Cracks, chips, and fading colors become more prevalent, making your once inviting space an eyesore. Not only does this detract from the overall beauty of your pool area, but it can also pose safety risks to your family and guests.

At Pool Deck Resurfacing Cincinnati, we specialize in revitalizing pool decks with our innovative and high-quality resurfacing solutions. Decorative concrete solutions are now available to restore existing pool decks or to make updates easier and faster at a more affordable cost.

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Deck Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair

There are many reasons why anyone would want to change the pool deck areas. It could be old and boring and needs a change for improved form and function. It could be damaged but still repairable. Whatever the reason, there is a reliable decorative concrete solution.

  • Pool Deck Resurfacing – Changing the surface of a pool deck is a more practical solution than replacing the entire slab especially when only the top layer is damaged. Resurfacing it with the proper coating or overlay can restore the rest of the slab, give the surface a new look, and make it a lot more functional.
  • Pool Deck Refinishing – For superficial damage, like that stain you have been trying to remove for days or a discolored area that’s been bothering you for months, refinishing the surface is an ideal solution. This could involve recoloring the surface to disguise stains as well as resealing the deck to add a protective layer and to add a bit of shine.
  • Pool Deck Repair – Concrete repairs can be done on cracks, potholes, scaling or spalling surfaces, and more. It is highly recommended to have a pro assess the damage to determine if the damage is indeed repairable or signs of something deeper and more extensive.

Concrete Pool Deck Coatings & Overlays

Concrete is as durable as time itself. But just like any other type of paving material, it can get damaged. Used as a pool deck, it is exposed to pool water and all the chemicals in it. Over time, it could start to weaken and become duller. If it does get hideous, there is no need to panic. While replacing the entire slab could cost you a fortune, decorative resurfacing and refinishing solutions will not. Here are the ideal options for pool decks:

  • Stamped Concrete Overlay – A stamped overlay is a popular solution for outdoor concrete surfaces. Stamped concrete pool deck effectively covers up surface damage while giving the property owner the opportunity to choose a more decorative look. The great thing about stamped overlays is that it can be designed to imitate high-end materials like stone, brick, and pavers.
  • Spray Knockdown Texture – This involves the use of an acrylic concrete coating which is sprayed on the pool deck using a hopper gun. The splattered material is then knocked down, giving a slip resistance surface and a stunning spray texture finish. This is popular is known for its ability to stay cool to the feet even after being soaked under the sun for hours.
  • Stained Concrete – Concrete stains are effective in renewing the color of a concrete pool deck, whether as an aesthetic update or as a cover-up for stubborn stains. Acid stains yield creative effects and varying color tones, thanks to the chemical reactions that occur between the stain and the natural components of concrete. Water-based stains are non-reactive so the colors are more solid and consistent.

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Cincinnati Concrete Artisans is comprised of a highly trained staff dedicated to guiding you through the entire installation process, ensuring seamless execution of your desired work from concept to completion. We specialize in pool deck resurfacing, refinishing, and repair, both for residential and commercial properties. We make sure that we discuss with the customer their project and listen to what they want, providing them with helpful information and leveraging the expertise and experience of our quality team to help them understand their options and the processes involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of pool deck resurfacing starts around $3 to $5 per square foot

The answer is YES! A specialized epoxy resin can be applied to resurface a pool deck. It is long-lasting, unique, and shows dramatic results — thanks to the skid-resistant additives of the epoxy, the surface is slip-resistant even when wet.

Spray Knockdown or Spray Texture or Trowel Knockdown, whichever you call it, is the best pool decking option there is, as of yet. So, what makes it the best option?

  1. Spray Knockdown Finish is an economical resurfacing solution.
  2. It’s slip-resistant and popular for its non-skid finish.
  3. Notable for its ability to stay cool to the touch despite being exposed to sunlight for several hours.

Yes, you can stain concrete pool deck. There are a variety of various products available in the market.

The price of colored concrete varies a lot. Most decorative concrete companies charge between $2 and $4 per square foot for a basic application of a single stain color with sealer and minimum surface prep. The cost will climb in tandem with the job’s complexity.

Both paint and stain deck finishes have their own set of issues, with paint prone to chipping or peeling and stain prone to heat-related discoloration. However, when comparing the durability and colorfastness of painting vs. staining the deck, paint often wins out, lasting 10 years or longer before needing to be re-applied.

Cleaning a stained concrete pool deck yourself can be a bit tedious but still doable. First, you need a big, clean bucket. Add a small amount of bleach (one cap full at first). If it isn’t strong enough, you can always add more to the bucket. Then fill the rest with warm water. Apply the mixture to the concrete area with a mop or scrubbing brush.

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