How to Revamp the Pool Deck and Coping Without Replacing the Concrete

Frequent usage, sun exposure, and contact with water and chlorine will soon cause the pool deck and coping to deteriorate. It may be stunning the first time it was installed but wear and tear can make it look hideous. This is not a reason to remove and replace the concrete slab, though. There are simple, easier, and more affordable ways to restore the life of your concrete pool deck, improve its look, and enhance its function.

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  • Wash the Pool Deck and Coping

Sometimes, a pool deck may seem old and damaged but all it really needs is a good wash. Stubborn dirt can sit on the deck through the rain without getting washed off. For dirt that stays put, use a pressure washer to wash it out. Make sure that it is set somewhere around 3,000 psi and nothing too strong. Too much pressure could damage the deck and wash off colors or sealers.

  • Scrub Off Ugly Stains

Whether it is a red ketchup stain or dark green one caused by rotten leaves, stains can make the pool deck look like a mess. If washing it does not do the trick, use a bristle brush to scrub it off. First, soak it in water with a mild soap or detergent to soften the stain. Start with a soft brush. If the stain is stubborn, use a stiffer one. Just make sure that you apply light scrubbing strokes that won’t affect any coating or finishing the pool deck surface has.

  • Refinish the Surface

Refinishing is the process of improving the aesthetics of a deck without changing the slab itself. The most popular refinishing method is concrete staining. It allows you to add color and cover up any unsightly stain or blemish. Another is resealing. A concrete sealer is vital to keeping the deck protected and with a hint of shine.

  • Resurface with Overlays or Coatings

For surface deep issues, resurfacing the pool deck is highly recommended. Overlays and coatings are durable enough to cover up damage and provide a brand new surface that is decorative and functional, too. A stamped overlay offers a wide range of stunning and slip-resistant patterns and designs. A spray knockdown finish is a cool coating sprayed on the deck for extra texture. These solutions are resistant to damage, water, and regular exposure to UV rays.

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