How to Tell Signs if You Need Pool Deck Repair

Seeing the signs of faulty concrete pool decks is not easy. Most of the time, hair-thin creases do not trigger you to call out a local pool service’s help. Having said this, you need to have a basic idea of how to tell signs that you need pool deck crack repair Cincinnati and start asking the professional pool contractor what to do.

Is the Pool Deck Damaged or Not?

When you know how to tell a major and minor pool deck damage, you can easily talk with the pool experts. Be able to tell precisely what repairs or improvement is in need during that time so that the result will satisfy you.

List down tips and facts for you in today’s post! Waste no time and start your pool deck repair project after reading this.

minor deck problem

Signs of Minor Repair

A concrete pool’s surface may have several problems. Recoloring, repolishing, or resealing common concrete floor coatings are quick fixes to apply.

Here are some basic minor pool problems

1- Stubborn Stains on the Surface

The swimming pool with a concrete pool deck usually have sealers for protection and aesthetic purpose. Tough dirt, mud stains will not easily damage the deck’s coating. But, as time goes by, the sealers will fade.

Even if an average pool deck’s sealer can last for five years, it is wise if you apply a new layer of the coating once you see lingering and stains.

Among residential pool areas, sealers can live beyond their expected lifespan. Putting an immediate fix on this will save you from further damages. 

2- Losing its Color

Color fading on the top of your pool decks also means it needs resealing. If you have water-based stains or dyes to give the concrete deck its color, they will need a top coating layer to seal the dyes in. Stain and dyes fade when they are overexposed under the sun’s heat.

Recolor the pool deck to give back its vibrant look. Fading around the pool also tells you that the resistant coating is beginning to dissolve away from the surface.

3- Slippery Surface

The slimy or limey surface that touches your toes and heel as you step on the pool decks tells you that it needs a new coating. A concrete coating is the one providing the deck’s surface its water-resistance.

When it fades or thins out after a long time, the concrete surface will begin to absorb or gather water on its top layer. You want to apply a new layer of coating on the deck when you see this sign.

Signs of Major Repair

Major signs of repair tell you to call your local pool contractors right away. The earlier you see them, the better. 

1- Discoloration

Another sign of changing the color on the deck is discoloration. This is worst than having mud or juices of soil from the area smudging on the concrete deck. The discoloration is a translucent, dark stain that seems to penetrate deep into the concrete layer.

This act tells you that an unseen crack is somewhere beneath the concrete. Also, this might have happened due to the coating wholly removed. Commercial pool decks often encounter these issues.

2- Moldy Surface

Whether or not your pools are located in a humid or wet area, mold on the deck occurs. Of course. It is due to water that often splashes out from the pool basin. The decks surrounding it will rarely get their drying time.

However, if the mold does not seem to go away after you clean and polish and pressure washed the surface, it tells you something more severe. The molds might have found a new niche in your pools.

3- Uneven Pool Decks 

As you stroll by the poolside, you suddenly stepped on a spot where the concrete seems to move. An unleveled deck under your steps is telling you that a major crack and a crumbing concrete exists. This is your call to talk with a local pool contractor to get some repairs going.

A major repair can be through slab jacking. The sinking slab is lifted back right where it was on the same level as the pool deck.

What happens is that water leaks into the ground. When this occurs, the soils beneath loosen and soften. The loose soils cause the earth to corrode. Thus the concrete cracks.

Lastly, this sign tells you to look closer to the ground condition. Not all pool damage is caused by human activities. A moving gound sometimes a natural occurrence in nature. So, assessing the pool area with your pool contractors’ help is what you need to come looking for.

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