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Stunning and Functional Texture Right Under Your Feet

Cincinnati Concrete Artisans offer premium non-slip and cool-to-the-feet spray knockdown concrete application for both commercial and residential properties. Outdoor concrete surfaces are always exposed to harmful elements. Concrete patios have to deal with the changes of weather and temperature. Concrete pool decks are always exposed to water. Concrete driveways are exposed to vehicular traffic and hot tire treads. So, no matter how durable concrete is, it will slowly age and weaken. It can be costly for a home or business owner in Cincinnati, Ohio to get concrete surfaces resurfaced, repaired or upgraded. Removing the slab and replacing are also time-consuming, and inconvenient. There is a better solution: Spray Knockdown Finish. A knockdown finish is just like stucco, which is a knockdown done on drywalls. This type of solution involves the use of a cementitious material on a structurally sound concrete surface. This method makes any surface more visually appealing with the addition of color and texture.

What is Spray Trowel Finish?

Spray texture system is a very popular type of coating. It is often used on concrete pool decks, patios, and driveways. This type of knock-down finish features a textured surface that helps increase traction on any surface. This is applied as an ⅛ inch micro-topping either splattered on the surface or sprayed with a hopper gun. This is then knocked down with a trowel to create a textured surface that does not hurt underfoot. This coating can come pre-colored or it can be colored integrally while it is being mixed. It can also be stained or dyed after it has been knocked down.

Benefits of a Spray Knockdown Finish on Concrete Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways and other surfaces

Of all decorative concrete solutions, a knockdown texture is one that provides a lot of special benefits that floor owners would surely love:

Slip-resistant – This is the key selling point for a spray texture finish. The stucco-like texture it has, as a product of spraying and troweling, provides enough traction to keep people or vehicles from slipping. This is one reason it is one of the most highly recommended pool deck resurfacing options.

Aesthetic – Being one of the top decorative concrete solutions, its ability to improve the look of any plain concrete surface is a given. The texture creates a unique look on the resurfaced patios, pool decks, driveways and other outdoor concrete surfaces. It comes in a variety of colors and it can be customized with color stains and dyes if the homeowner decides to color it after installation.

Heat reflective – Home and commercial property owners have testified that this pool deck knock down finish has the ability to stay cooler to the touch than any other paving materials out there. The coating reflects light outwards instead of absorbing it. Any swimmer who wishes to walk barefoot will not have trouble doing so with this cool spray knock-down texture, perfect for the summer.

Cost-effective – Compared to tearing out the concrete slab and replacing it with a new concrete mix, a spray trowel finish is a lot more affordable. It restores the existing concrete slab and only ⅛ of an inch is needed to renew the surface of the concrete patio, pool deck, or driveway.

Durable – This thinly sprayed coating is durable enough to protect the concrete slab underneath. It provides a long-lasting surface that can survive most types of damages, such as scratches, holes, and more.

Low-maintenance – Decorative concrete is known for being easy on the upkeep. A spray knock-down finish is no exception. It only requires some sweeping and water hosing every couple of weeks or less.

How to Install Knockdown Texture on Concrete

It is strongly recommended to leave the installation process to a licensed concrete contractor. However, it is also important for homeowners to have an idea of what the application process involves. Here is a rough look at how to spray texture pool decks, patios, or driveways:

Step 1: First, the concrete surface is evaluated to check if it is structurally stable for a spray-down concrete resurfacing. If any damage is found, appropriate repairs are applied first.

Step 2: The concrete surface is cleaned and air-dried properly to ensure proper adhesion.

Step 3: The coating is mixed in accurate ratios to make sure that it cures effectively. It is important that the installer is trained for this as too much water can make the coating weaker when dry.

Step 4: The spray coating is then sprayed using a hopper gun. This is a gravity-fed equipment, powered by an air compressor, that makes it easier to lay down spray-down systems.

Step 5: Make sure that the surface of the concrete is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The coating is then sprayed evenly and consistently for a more uniform finish.

Step 6: A trowel is then used to knock the sprayed coating down. Just enough to remove the point uneven tips of the sprayed material and creating a textured finish similar to a stucco drywall.

Step 7: A concrete sealing product is then applied on the surface of the cured coating to protect it from penetrating elements and to give it a bit of shine.

Interested in a knockdown texture on concrete surfaces? Call (513) 429-7696 today for more info.

Many companies offer a variety of paving materials for outdoor surfaces. We know how important it is for people in Cincinnati, OH to be able to remodel their floors on a budget without compromising aesthetics and function. Cincinnati Concrete Artisans is proud to offer Spray Knockdown Finish. Our team of specialists is highly trained in working with the material, from preparation all the way to completion.

We take pride in our work. Learn more about this superior spray texture system by giving us a call. We’ll give you a FREE consultation and quote.

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