A Pattern Selection Guide for Stamped Concrete Surfaces

stamped overlay patternsMaking a final decision on a stamped concrete pattern is a huge challenge. There will always be two or more that will catch your attention and there could be a struggle to choose which you should go for. Choosing the right one involves more than what looks the most appealing. If you have a brick house, the common instinct is to choose a brick pattern as well. However, this is not recommended. If the entire exterior is brick, a stamped brick driveway will make it look like a brick bomb just exploded in your property. Instead, contractors recommend choosing a more subtle pattern or texture that will complement, rather than match, the exterior. Here are basic factors you must consider when choosing the right pattern.

  • The Theme of the House

A theme is based on certain design concepts and built. For example, a contemporary house features minimalistic designs, modern patterns, and monochromatic hues. If you should base the pattern you choose on the main theme of the house, it should have at least two of the main features of that theme. If you have a European theme, a cobblestone driveway would be suitable. If you must, consult a designer to help guide you with your decision.

  • The Color Palette of the Property

You must be careful when choosing a color for your stamped concrete space. It will either blend in or look out of place. First, what colors are common in your surroundings? Make a list of the colors you see. Using a color swatch, which you can easily access through the contractor or a paint store, find a color that complements it. If you want to play it safe, making the decision process a lot easier, then choose neutral colors.

  • Find a Non-Skid Pattern

This is important for any type of concrete surfaces, especially the driveway. The imprinted pattern creates grooves that are meant to give the impression of gaps in between pieces of stone, brick, or wood. If you want to make sure that the surface has enough grip or traction to prevent slipping, choose a non-skid pattern like fractured slate or herringbone.

If you like what stamped concrete can do but you are not that interested to have it done on the entire spaces, then choose to stamp on selected areas only. It will make your outdoor space more look and work better.

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